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These are our item renovation pages in which we will select old interesting items that can be made fully useful again, in this specific case an old lens of little use and value has been altered to make it usable 

by removing its old seized and corroded motor so that the lens can be used as a manual focus pentax lens (still having excellent optics) finally the end result photo's are shown...........

SMC Pentax AF zoom f2.8 35-70mm

this renovated old pentax zoom lens is around 40 yrs old

another view of the pentax K-s1 with vintage lens attached

this view is of the original Pentax ME-F

purchased through e-bay less than £19 

Project was to remove corroded motor then service lens cleaning any fungus and dirt  ensuring all parts worked well and then taking  a selection of test pictures below,  

the first 3 are with a Pentax k-s1 

The second 2 are film photos 35mm via the original Pentax ME-F (1st autofocus SLR)

Although only a manual focus now, the results achieved are very good in both cases

Pe​ntax ​Digital Ist D camera project

Here we have another doer-upper, this time a Pentax digital ist D (photo 1) from the early 2000's but with such excellent optics capable of excellent quality photographs, This one was a little over £17 and the lcd plastic screen cover was damaged in need of a repair.

So the old cover was removed (photo 2) a replacement was found by using a discarded mobile phone screen, (so no extra cost)  the new screen has been fitted (photo 3) the rest of the camera needed a good clean and check & then the project was completed (picture 4)

Here is a photo taken with this camera​

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