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ALL THE ITEMS YOU LOVE      vintage video, 8 Track

 cartridges, Vintage hi-fi,   photography equipment - plus

 Lots more interesting stuff....

My Vxw Site L7195v


 Welcome to Time-Tunnel-Collections

This website is dedicated to helping people to see lots of wonderful things and learn about the things that create peoples loved and cherished collections of items from the decades 1960 through to 2010,We all have individual ideas about what's great to collect, through this site the aim is to make it easier to learn about new items both here and on e-bay or possibly swap items and even be given items to help further our collections,

we go to local car boots which also help collector's find things to add to their collections as well as selling general goodies.Just groups of stallholders who get together once a week that are as enthusiastic as you are about collecting and value for money general goods including books/technology/china/Cd's & records etc

If anybody wants to visit the car boot sales you can, call at Smalley car boot on Sundays every month from May to October  (see the latest dates in the when and where section) Having been established over 3 years this is a wonderful local car boot sale which often has items of interest for sale on its stalls....... giving time to browse and enjoy, see photo's 


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