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In 1976 after leaving school I learnt lots about growing plants in a local Market garden then I went into retail (starting in motor accessories and DIY retailing moving into petrol service stations and then newsagents and Garden centers ) its quite interesting to note that very soon after starting work I became interested in items that had historical interest .......examples would be old cash registers, clocks,display cabinets, radio & audio......... significantly, I already had an interest in Audio and electronics as when I was at Abbotsholme School I helped run a small pirate radio station...great fun, The large motor accessory and DIY centers I worked for in the 1980's sold car Audio,significant in as much as it provided a great grounding and learning curve for one of my passionate interests and collections, 8 Track tape players and Tapes. much more about this and my other collecting passions later in our planned collections news section

Needless to say, by the end of the 80's I already had a collection of several doz valve radio's, many records and tapes and so I had well and truly caught the collecting was also at this time I bought my first computer ( a Tandy TRS 80) now a bit of a classic in its own right from 1979. I wrote my first article about creating a club for collecting and calling it Time tunnel collections and the rest (as they say) is history.

With the advent of much more powerful computers in the late 90's and as the internet came of age what is now the great phenomenon e-bay had started it's rise to the now undisputed Number 1 auction site and this offered an excellent avenue to purchase new items for peoples collections and to dispose of duplicate items that had been obtained over the years. Many years have passed since we opened our e-bay account, over the years we've bought and sold some great historical items, we probably buy more than we sell, to us it's all about collections, see some of the items in example photo's below

now see a bit of history............1970's combo reel to reel /cassette /8 track playing music from the period

These pages have been around for a while on our old Aol hometown page and on our 'me page' e-bay profile......but after talking to lots of people in 2005 we decided to launch our own website and have put various different bits of info together on this site.

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